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Published Aug 25, 22
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However, the majority of women don’t feel motivated enough simply based on a guy’s appearance. It’s true that some women can feel motivated enough to want to be with a guy if he’s handsome. However, the majority of women place way more important on how a guy makes her feel as he talks to her.

Once I was able to attract women during a conversation, I was able to begin enjoying my choice of women. I was able to walk up and talk to women and pull them back for sex, get their phone number, have sex on the first date, have sex on the second date, have multiple women in my life at once.

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Personally, I feel sorry for the majority of guys out there who do not understand this simple thing about women and attraction. Most guys go through life wasting so much time putting in effort to build up muscle, build up their career, buy better shoes, invest in a car and hopefully impress women.

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There’s nothing wrong with a guy being strong and building up his muscles if he likes that. There’s nothing wrong with a guy having a nice car or building up his career. However, a guy doesn’t actually need to do that to get laid or get a girlfriend. Some women are picky, yes and they want a tall guy with muscles.

Good for them, but the majority of women including beautiful and pretty women don’t even have high standards. Fact: Most Women Have Fake Standards About Men What guys don’t realize about most women is that their standards are fake and all it usually takes is one to two minutes of conversation where you’re making her feel attracted and all her BS fake standards about men go right out the window.

However, if a normal average or even below average looking guy walks up to her and makes her feel sexually attracted and turned on during a conversation, she’s going to be interested in him and if he’s able to charm her as he talks to her and move towards kissing and sex, she’s going to be his girlfriend and maybe even his wife.

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When you are one of the rare guys who are able to make women feel attracted to you during a conversation, you have so much choice with women. It’s so damn easy. If you want to learn exactly what to say and do to instantly start getting results with women, I recommend that you read my ebook, The Flow, or listen to the audio version, The Flow on Audio.

It’s about starting out by making her feel sexually attracted to you, by triggering those feelings in her because once you do that, everything else naturally flows on from one step to the next. There’s no need for her to play hard-to-get or play games or say that she only wants to be friends or she doesn’t give out her number or she’s not looking for a relationship right now.

Strauss is a master at what’s perhaps the greatest secret of writing about oneself (other than, well, being able to write): he has the confidence and bravery of holding nothing back. Not the graphic details, not the uncomfortable feelings. But how does Strauss reconcile teaching men how to pick up women—through The Rules of The Game, featuring”10 more ways to disqualify” a woman (pdf, p.

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I think there’s a cultural narrative, which is: guy who is a pick-up artist and now is a monogamist, and that’s a 180-degree turn. But that’s not quite the way I see it, which is more: there’s a lonely guy who is horrible with women, and always in the friend-zone and frustrated, who meets some people who show him how to meet women and sort of fix this social problem in his life and.

The Game is different from the sort of seduction community that it chronicles. Even though it’s been used as a how-to, The Game really is just my story in and out of [the seduction community], the things I see as good, the things I see as bad, the things I got really caught up in and seduced by.

I just put it all in, so I wouldn’t change the book because it’s simply chronicling that experience. But now some the things that I might have thought were positive at the time I don’t see as positive. I guess I have no idea as to what my contribution to the culture is.

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All I know is what I read in the media and what I know as a person. As a person, people come up to me and say this book changed my life, or I’m married now and this really helped me, I was really lost. So what I hear anecdotally is positive things.

The simple answer is: every time you put out something in the culture, whether it’s a tweet or a book, you are opening yourself up, it’s no longer in your control and you have to let go of that. If we worried about that stuff I think the Bible shouldn’t be in print, judging by the amount of people how’ve been killed because of it.

The geneticist I talk to in the book was really talking about himself. It comes from a certain parental upbringing that I shared also. I think if anyone feels trapped in a relationship, it’s because they felt trapped in their relationship with mom or dad, whatever gender they are attracted to, growing up.

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All those things are complete illusions but because growing up we are programmed by the love and experiences from our parents we walk around seeing the world from this box, and it’s not the world. For somebody who grew up taking care of a parent, versus the parent taking care of you, you start to give yourself worth through taking care of needy people.

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People always ask me what’s the advice I would give to a 20-year old, and the advice is: no piece of advice I can give, or very few, is really going to change you. Otherwise all those little memes and inspirational thoughts would really change people but they don’t. You have to learn from your own experience, because a lot of the stuff is wired emotionally, not intellectually.

It’s almost like a myth: you go through the forest, you go through the darkest part, and you fight the demons and at the end you get a treasure. I don’t think that I ever had a negative view of women at all, but I think in The Game it was certainly very objectifying.