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Published Sep 21, 22
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Dating Tips: Five Great Pick-up Lines - The Economic Times

Remember, the smile on her face and the body language is what’s most important here. After you have gone in for the “kill” by opening her (asking her for more information, saying “hi”, random pick-up line, etc) I would step back and turn away for a few brief seconds. This lets her know that you aren’t coming on aggressively and you are breaking state.

When you come back the second time you are essentially repeating what I just mentioned above but for a second time in a row. You want to be able to slowly get the girl to warm up to you. This solidifies the interaction. This one is one of my favorites.

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The Slow Dance involves a method of attracting what you want by letting it come to you. Similar to dance, this move is one that has high results. For this, I suggest only carrying around a little shopping basket rather than a cart. You want to be able to bail out of this one quickly in case it doesn’t work out.

For this approach to work, it is similar to the one above. Except that you are going to get the girl to open you! Fascinating, right? I have used this approach a few times and realized I wasn’t even doing it. The key is to be confident and smile a lot.

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It’s best to have someone spotted out and act as if you are going for the Slow Kill approach but before you say anything, you are going to walk up to the woman’s bubble (usually about 5 feet) and pretend to look at something on the shelf or drop one of your belongings on the floor such as keys or a scarf.

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But trust me it works. You might be thinking that this is something a woman would do if they wanted to get a guy’s attention. It’s funny because I see this a lot in the movies and I think some women do this subconsciously. For this, you want to be really conscious about everything you’re doing here.

Dating Tips: Five Great Pick-up Lines - The Economic Times

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Once you have the woman in your bubble, you are ready to dance. This all happens within a matter of seconds and you have to be ready for it. You will pick up on this the more you do it. What will happen is that the woman will move closer to you.

She wants you to talk to her. Now, some women may actually approach you and say something. Others may just be trying to get something next to you. Some may just glance at you and turn away. But the ones who walk closer and smile and move within your bubble are the ones to start the dance with.

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An example is when I am at the freezer aisle and a woman with a shopping cart is getting food out of the freezer to put in her cart. I notice her, drop something or pick up an item next to the woman to see if she steps forward toward me with her cart.

What this entails next is interesting. I am not going to walk up to the woman or say anything. I am just going to make eye contact, smile, and stand my ground. This shows that I am confident and standing firm in my belief that she is going to approach me and say something.

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Not the other way around. You have to trust your gut on this one for it to happen. You have to be sensitive to what the woman is doing and feel out the vibes. As I said, you will know when it happens. It’s so obvious. I have had times where a woman approached me in the movie aisle and asked for recommendations for what movie to watch.

Excuse me? Yeah, didn’t see that coming. Not. She literally had the whole aisle to herself and I was the only one near her. You can probably tell that she wanted me to talk to her and say something. Women will make it obvious without coming on too strong. Remember to trust your gut and feel out the vibes.

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I find it fascinating that some girls go shopping together at Target. Normally you see couples or busy moms coming in like a train wreck getting their items then leaving like the apocalypse is about to happen and the world is gonna end. Typically, you don’t want to mess with these types.

These are usually at least 2 girls who are nonchalant and casually looking around at items in the store. One of them may have a shopping basket or they might just be walking in tandem meandering through the aisles. For this one to work, you have to take the stance of surrendering the outcomes to the other person you don’t want to approach.

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This takes a lot of guts, let me tell you. But in retrospect, this one is very easy considering that the one girl or friend that you don’t want could be a help in getting the other girl’s number for you. To break it down you’re going to want to use all the approaches I’ve mentioned above, but this time you want to be not so coy and confident about it.

Again, you are going to want to pick up on the vibes that the girl is sending off. Is she tired? Bored? Frustrated? Is the other friend angry? Anxious? Calm? You want to pick up on this right away and move in a steady yet unsure sort of way. By going about it like this, you are making the other girl work for you by helping you to get to your goal.

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Since she trusts her friend she will trust you too. This approach works well on women who often have a bit more masculinity and are a bit more aggressive. Some ways to point them out are women in high heels or business attire. They tend to exude bold confidence and are aware and present with their surroundings.

Or they may just be loud talkers and so in the present that they aren’t thinking about the people around them. This is good. You want to approach them normally using either technique above and whatever pickup line, statement, or question you have at your disposal. You are then going to center your focus on the girl that you don’t want to pickup.

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According to statics, women are generally more interested in a guy whose feelings are unclear. So stop spewing your feelings, and let her friend do the talking. For this to work, simply walk up to the group of girls that you want to approach. They might be laughing near the clothes section or strolling along talking loud in the back of the store near the candy aisle.